I’m Still on Vacation….

4 Jan

Yep. Til Friday. It’s awesome. Almost as awesome as this:

And how have I been spending my days since I’m not getting up early, giving assessments, writing reports, going to meetings and intervening non-violently in crisis situations (or preparing a presentation on Intellectual Disability and learning the Stanford Binet like I’m supposed to be during this break)?

One word:  Internet.

For real. Google. Pinterest. Facebook. Twitter. Blogs, blogs, blogs.

My last few days are pretty well summed up by my recent Google history:

“safe temperature for roast chicken” (because I roasted one on New Years Day and even though the smoke alarm went off 3 times in the process, it was pretty delicious)

“why dogs sneeze” (like, so much sneezing! according to petmd she may have picked up a virus at the kennel)

“blogilates” (pilates is my favorite. but it’s expensive here. blogilates to the rescue!)

“santorum” (yeah….)

“temperature at which boiling water will freeze” (so, we threw boiling water into the air when it was 42 below and it instantly turned to frozen dust. you can see the video on my facebook page)

“best healthy recipe blogs 2011” (because I fill up part of my non-googling time with ‘menu planning’ from food blogs, more on that later)

“do full size sheets fit queen size beds” (turns out, they don’t. so maybe they shouldn’t be labeled full/queen)

“cymbeline” (in love. these wedding dresses are fantastic and I can’t stop googling images of them)

“american association on intellectual and developmental disabilities”  (see, I did do some work. kind of. not really)

“where to buy thermometers colder than -60” (because unfortunately this is my reality, the Alaska Dog Musher’s Association makes one that goes down to -80)

It’s actually kind of ridiculously amazing, all the things I can find answers to online.

So there’s Google, and of course facebook and Twitter…. and then there’s Pinterest (aka http://www.where-to-go-if-you-want-to-be-instantly-overwhelmed-with-wedding-planning-stuff.com).  I’m not even going to start about Pinterest and wedding crap except to say this:  if you are awesome enough to be on the not-yet-created guest list for our impending nuptials, I can assure you there will be lots of cookies, beer and live music. Aside from that, I make no promises of fancy chair covers, monogrammed anything, super cute favors, two expensive dresses, or any of the other totally asinine stuff Pinterest and the wedding industry might lead you–me–to believe is important (there may be a mason jar or two. or twenty. and probably some sort of something related to airplanes).

Though Pinterest for wedding purposes nearly gives me an anxiety attack, I do think its a perfect way to keep track of recipes I find while reading blog after blog after blog (I am obsessed with blogs–cooking blogs, wedding blogs, fitness blogs, school psychology blogs, travel blogs, blogs about people’s dogs–it’s fantastic). I don’t love cooking (yet), but I do love eating. And nearly everything we eat comes from and idea I saw on a food blog (or out of one cookbook: The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook that my Grandma gave me. AMAZING).

A few of my most recent favorites for recipes….

WillowBird Baking

Joy The Baker

The Pioneer Woman

Eating Poor In Alaska

Arctic Garden Studio

The Runner’s Kitchen

Sexy Food Therapy

Poor Girl Eats Well

And–YOU GUYS. We made bread for the first time (not from a blog recipe, but from one that my fantastic little sister shared), and it had rosemary and sea salt and it was delicious….

Now to decide what’s for dinner tonite… Um, these.

One Response to “I’m Still on Vacation….”

  1. Aly January 5, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    Aspen sneezes all the time. I think she has a fur allergy ;)

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